[GUIDELINE] For International fans coming to Vietnam for Jaejoong fanmeeting

As you know, on the upcoming 10th November, Jaejoong will hold a Fanmeeting at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. To create a favorable condition for international fans coming to Vietnam for this event, CielJJ has compiled a general guideline including transportation, accomodation, food around the venue of Fanmeeting (SECC, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City). We hope this could help you much or less so that your trip to Vietnam and your attendance of Fanmeeting will be successful and memorable. If you guys need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email cieljjvn@gmail.com. We are very happy and pleasure to support you!


When you arrive at Tan San Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh city, there are two ways heading to SECC as follow:

1. Taxi (recommended):

It’s the fatest and the most economics way for you guys (you could go together and split the bill), but please notice some points: taxi always stand outside the Arrival Hall, you should take an observation and only pick up some following reliable companies:


Telephone: (84)(8) 38 38 38 38



Telephone: (84) (8) 38 27 27 27



Telephone: (84) (8) 38 68 68 68



Telephone: (84)(8) 38 11 11 11



Taxi will charge you on the meter. It will cost approximately ~$10 on the meter from Airport to SECC for 7-seater taxi. Going in a group is recommended ^^. You should look around carefully at Arrival Hall as there have a lot of “fake” taxi companies that have the same color and phone number with other reliable taxi companies. That’s really important because if you unfortunately pick that cab, it’s possible that you have to pay much higher than the meter fee ~

Travel duration:

it takes approximately 40’- 50’ depending on traffic status in Saigon at that time.

2. Bus (recommended for those who wants to save money, not recommended for those who come to Vietnam for the first time)

At Arrival Hall of airport, you could pick a bus 152 to Ben Thanh Market, then take a bus 102 heading to SECC.
Fee: 10,000VND (~$0.4) for 2 trips, be extremely cheap ^0^

Moreover, you could take motorbike-taxi (“xe ôm” in Vietnamese) outside airport, it costs about 100,000 VND (~$5) => you should bargain. Motorbike-taxi drivers seem to be friendly and funny. They will drive easier and more quickly than taxi in some routines during rush hours. It’s not recommended for you to take that kind of vehicle because it’s quite expensive, only pick up one person, not mention to be in danger of accident.

Many hotels have airport pickup and drop off service, though it is expensive. You must contact your hotel before arrival to arrange this service.

If possible, change money at the airport (change desks after you pass through customs and before leaving the airport building) so that you can pay in Dong. Pls write your hotel address down clearly to show the driver.


District 7, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon South project is one of the major urban development plans of the government to both bring benefits to residence and ensure environmental landscape elements. This is the place gathering a series of high-end villas, artists’ residences, big foreign companies, entertainment center, the massive office buildings, medical and educational centre with high quality, and of course, not mention to Phu My Hung – be wellknown as a center of South Saigon ^ ^)

Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard is the main road there, the road is spacious, clean, little car, be divided into lanes by trees. Go straight Nguyen Van Linh from Binh Chanh direction to see the The Cresent Mall (hanging outstanding Megastar plate), passing by a little more, and then turn right, you will see SECC.

I will divide hotel into 2 classifications: normal and deluxe.


Ibis Saigon South Hotel
Address: 73 Hoang Van Thai, Tan Phu Ward, District 7 (right behind SECC, next to Manulife)
Website: http://www.ibis.com/gb/booking/hotels-list.shtml
Distance: 50m – 2mins walking LOL =))
Standard: 3 stars
Rate: from $45

This is international hotel, belongs to ACCOR group. It has 160 rooms, restaurants, bars, meeting halls,…If you just get a glimpse of this building, you cannot know it’s a hotel =)) There have no plate or banner stated HOTEL. I think if you guys, foreigners, don’t care too much about financial when participating the FM, don’t take any second for hesitation, just make a reservation right now xD (unless you guys want to have experience the lively atmosphere of Vietnamese street at night in Tan My and Phu My Hung residence ^^). Most guests here are both local and international business men, having business trip in District 7. They all felt satisfied fully. Hotel has high rank and evaluation on various websites, offering available bars, restaurants,… For an international 3-star hotel, the distance to SECC cannot be closed more, $45 is such a reasonable price, very awesome.


Thien Son Plaze is in front of it, Broadway building series and Cresent Mall in the left, Parkson Paragon, Manulife behind, and the right is….the spacious grass field.

Fortunately, when heading to the direction opposing to Thien Son Plaza (Nguyen Luong Bang Street), passing by France-Vietnamese and Tam Duc hospitals, you will see Tan My residence xD. This has specific character of Vietnamese neighborhood xD, including citizen houses, Tan My market, Tan My apartment, Tan Phu people committee, restaurants, café, bistro, and of course the indispensable normal hotel xD.

1. Dai Vinh Ho Central Hotel:

Address: 94 Road 9, Tan Phu, District 7
Phone:  (+84)(8) 3775 4775 –  (+84)90 366 4935
Mail: info@hotelcentralsg.com
Website: http://hotelcentralsg.com/index.php
Standard: 2 stars
This hotel close to SECC most, with the distance 750m, 10mins walking :x
Rate for double room: 22.5 -27.5 -35$  including service charge and breakfast
Extra fee per additional person: 150k (more bed + include breakfast)
Comment: cute and lovely receiptionist, nice and clean room, fully equipped facilities, elegant decoration, friendly security )

2. Trường Tuyền Hotel

Address: 60 Road 9, Tan Phu, District 7 (the same road with the above hotel, it takes 2mins to walk)
Phone:  (+84)8 3771 0008 –  (+84)8 3890 3525 –  (+84)903 662165
Email: none
Website: http://hotel.batu.vn/hotel.php?HotelID=1079
Standard: 0 star
Rate for double room: 10-12.5-15$ (extra fee 50k per additional person), exclude breakfast.
Comment: normal hotel, fine construction, I don’t see any security, receptionist sleeps on the sofa =)) This hotel is right behind Tan My tenement and Tan Phu people committee, street café.

3. Sông Hương Hotel (Hương River Hotel):

Address: 2 Road 12, Tan Phu Ward, District 7
Phone:  (+84)8 3775 2884 –  (+84)903 662 165
Mail: None
Website: none
Distance: 900m – 14mins walking
Standard: 1 star
Rate for double room: 10-13.5-17.5$ (extra fee 3$ per additional person), exclude breakfast
Comment: a lot of foreigners live here, most of them come from Laos/Cambodia/Thailand @@ When I stopped by, the boss seemed to ignore me ‘cause of too much clients :” | one person be in charge of security and receiptionist =)))) Receiption hall is kind of dark when looking around, normal decoration, cleaning room with fully equipped facility.

4. Paris Hotel:

Address: 4 Road 12, Tan Phu, District 7 (in the left of the above hotel)
Phone:  (+84)8 377 15 666 –  (+84)912 068 184
Mail: hoteldeparis@khanhthien.com
Website: None
Distance: 950m – 16mins walking
Standard: 0 Star
Rate for double room: 9$ (extra fee 3$ per additional person)
Comment: it looks quite old outside, and there’s no special decoration inside. Cleaning room with fully equipped. The rate is reasonable.

5. Lưu Phương Hotel:

Address: 136 Road 1, Tân Phú, District 7 (in the left of the above hotel :D)
Phone:  (+84)8 3507 1517 – 0908 852 483
Mail: luuphong.hotel@gmail.com
Website: none
Distance: 950m – 16mins walking
Standard: 0 sao
Rate for double room: 9$ (extra fee 3$ per additional person)
Comment: It looks quite old outside, and there’s no special decoration inside. But the room is clean and fully equipped. So I think that price is reasonable.

6. German – Vietnam Hotel (Đức – Việt)

Address: 162 Road 9, Tan Phu, District 7
Phone:  (+84)8 3775 1706
Mail: none
Website: none
Distance: 1km – 18mins walking
Standard: 0 star
Rate for double room: 10-13.5-17.5$ (extra fee 2$ per additional person)
Comment: It’s located in the same road with Đại Vinh Hoa, not closed to market, have few citizens living around, be quite in the dusk. Receiption Hall is decorated by stuff in the glass box. The hall is quite small but having a warm feeling due to the chandelier. It has parking lot downstair, and if be emergency, there has a car to pick you up to SECC (with service charge). Cleaning room with fully equipped.

7. Ngọc Cát Hotel

Address: 184 Road 9, Tan Phu, District 7
Phone:  (+84)8 3771 4965
Mail: none
Website: ngoccathotel.com
Distance: 1km – 18mins walking
Standard: 0 star
Rate for double room:
11 – 13$
Room for 4 people: 18$ (extra fee 3$  for additional person)
Comment: the same with above. The different point is no parking lot and having handsome receiptionist =)) He’s very enthusiastic in showing me room, and have a promise to discount for me =)) There’s no complaint about room :D

All the above hotels are in the same road with Tan My residence, the road be marked from 1 => 18 and be interlacing @@ it’s so easy to get lost. But it’s much easier to find them and be closed to SECC most. They are near the markets, people committee, police station so you guys can have peace of mind in security ^0^

Moreover, FV Hospital, Tam Duc Cardilogy Hospital be available 24/24, in Broadway house and residence area there all have pharmacy store, it takes a few mins by walking to get all things you want ^0^

Between 2 hotels Đại Vinh Hoa and Trường Tuyền, there has one big pharmacy store (Address: 51 Tan My, KP1, Tan Phu Ward, District 7)

All above hotel except hotel in number 1 are surrounded by residence houses. If you guys are foreigners and not be familiar with living style here, I introduce to you Phú Mỹ Hưng area with high-class living style ^^ Phú Mỹ Hưng is the center of District 7, landscape is very beautiful, road or street is extremely clean >”< pure atmosphere, good security xD This is not residence area, most are hotels, restaurants, commercial centre for foreigners (A lot of Korean people live here, so it have many Korean restaurants and numerous places hang plate in Korean) Hotels in this area always charge in USD, ranging from $32 to above $40/per day. General comment is you get what you pay for, the landscape around be taken care deeply, high quality in service. It takes 2km or 5 -> 8 mins by car/motorbike (30mins walking) from Phú Mỹ Hưng to SECC. Here is some hotels I stopped by:

1. Laguna Hotel

Address: R3 – 84 Hung Gia 4, Phu My Hung, Disrict 7
Phone:  (+84) 8 5410 2888
Mail: booking@lagunahotel.com.vn
Rate for double room: 27– 32 -37$ include breakfast

2. Ngọc Anh Hotel

Address: R3 – 84 Hưng Phước, Phú Mỹ Hưng, District 7
Phone:  (+84) 8 5410 3633 –  (+84) 93 770 5453
Website: none
Rate for double room: 32$

3. Nguyễn Anh Công Hotel

Address: R4 – 67 Hưng Phước 3, Phú Mỹ Hưng, District 7
Phone: (+84) 08 5410 3712
Mail: phuthanhphumyhung@gmail.com
Website: http://phuthanhhotel-phumyhung.com.vn/
Rate for double room:  30$ include breakfast and drink (extra fee 5$ per additional person)
There has special program: discount from 20% to 30% depending on type of room, with guest taking part in International exhibition, client cheking health at FV hospital and Tâm Đức Cardiology Hospital (FM will be held in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center;)) )

4. Black Sea Hotel

Address: 11A – 15 – 17 Noi Khu Hung Phuoc 2, Phú Mỹ Hưng, District 7 (hotel has bar and restaurant right in the first floor)
Phone: 84 85412 1234 – 0122 4478 226 Fax: 84 85410 4248
Mail: info@blackseahotel.com.vn
Website: None
Rate for double room: 50$ (extra fee 300k per additional person)

5. Oasis Hotel

Address: 23 Noi Khu Hung Phuoc 2, Phú Mỹ Hưng, District 7
Phone: 848 541 23333
Mail: hotel@oasis.com.vn
Website: http://oasis.com.vn/
Rate for double room: 37$

6. Boutique Hotel

Address: R3 – 84 Hưng Phước 3, Phú Mỹ Hưng, District 7
Phone: 08 5410 5941
Mail: boutiquegardenthotel@yahoo.com
Website: http://boutiquegardenhotel.com/
Rate for double room: 42$ (not allowed to add person >”<)

7. Bali Hotel

Address: 39 – 41 Hưng Phước 3, Phú Mỹ Hưng, District 7
Phone: (848) 5410 4545 – 5410 4747
Mail: balihotel2009@gmail.com
Rate for double room: 37$ (extra fee 10$ for additional person)



1. Opposing to SECC (Broadway serie houses), there há Phở 24 (price 40k-50k/dish, special dish 60k), office lunch Til (40k/dish)

2. Tân Mỹ Market has variety of shop (selling traditional food) with surprised cheap price =)) (it ranges from 20k for food, 1k for ice tea, 5k for sugar-cane juice, 15k for smoothie,…). Besides, in residence area there have a lot of restaurants, refreshment booths, café,…

3. SECC canteen sells office lunch with 35k/dish.

4. Open Pasta and Grill restaurant (Ibis Saigon South Hotel 1st Floor, opposing SECC backdoor). It’s not quite big, the same size with KFC ^^ Price: lunch – 110k/set, Buffet 200k

5. In front of FV Hospital, it’s RES Building, in the afternoon, along side with building there have a lot of booths, markets selling food 8-} (wet cake 15k, variety of sweetened porridge, fruit,..)

6. Right next to Lưu Phương Hotel, it has western pancake (bánh xèo miền tây), fried flour cake, convenience stores,…

7. Between Đại Vinh Hoa and Trường Tuyền, there has a restaurant serving rice. It looks quite clean, opens even at night.

8. Restaurants in Thiên Sơn Plaza: Đệ nhất – restaurant specializing western dishes, Sushi Bar Thiên Quế, Phố Biển (Ocean street) restaurant specializing sea food.

9. On the road from Phú Mỹ Hưng to SECC, it have some restaurants: Indian restaurant – A003 Hưng Vương 1, Nguyễn Văn Linh, District 7 – 084854100947 Grilled rib Đệ Nhất – S11 Hưng Vương 3, Nguyễn Văn Linh, District 7 (next to Convenience store K-Mart)

Name and telephone of some restaurants opposing to markets, next to hotels in Tan My Residence, you guys could call to order dishes, delivery door-to-door only when you order with a number of dishes ^0^

1/ Phở bún bò Huế Ngọc Trâm – 44C Tân Mỹ – 0903767116

2/ Cơm tấm Tứ Qúy Tân Định – 0904343893

3/ Cháo gỏi vịt Miền Tây – 0945970209

Besides, in Phu My Hung area, there have:

1/ International clinic SEOUL

2/ Indian Restaurant

3/ Citimart, K&B Mart

4/ Papa’s Chicken and Beer

5/ Quyền Kí mì gia

6/ Quán bánh khọt Cô Ba Vũng Tàu

7/ Café Nowzone

8/ Gà Twomy

9/ Variety of Korean restaurant (with the plate in Korean) :)))

Some restaurants in the first half of the above list are located right on the entry road leading to Phú Mỹ Hưng from SECC, you could find it when you arrive so I don’t write the address ^^ Honestly, there still have a lot of restaurants left, but I think that’s enough, if you book hotel in Phú Mỹ Hưng, let try to walk and find out by yourself neh ;)) there have a lot of interesting things ^0^


1/ Tân Mỹ Market operates even at night, 7 -8 p.m it’s still lively, and crowd with restaurants, café, hairdresser,…

2/ Nguyễn Văn Linh road HAVE NO LIGHT at night, I just found out when passing by at night. However, it’s devided into lanes (2 directions, each has 2 lanes) so the traffic is quite safe. But the number of vehicles at night is higher than within a day >”<

3/ Walking in Phú Mỹ Hưng area, you could meet a lot of Korean handsome guys ‘3’ and many Korean little lovely girls xD

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  1. Thank you so very much for the very helpful information! It will take me 23 hours to get to Vietnam… but I am so excited!! Your post helped me relieve anxiety for going to Vietnam for the first time^^ THANK YOU!

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