CielJJ’s 2014 Calendar – Our precious memories

Hi everyone!

Founded 2 years ago, despite being a fansite from a small country, CielJJ has been getting great support from international fans. We really appreciate this. Today, CielJJ proudly presents to you our new product, the 2014 calendar comprises Jaejoong’s unpublished photos, taken and designed by CielJJ. We hope that you will continue supporting us for our new goodies.

The 2014 calendar – Our Precious Memories

Just as the name “Our precious memories” suggests, CielJJ hopes that this calendar can be ‘a box of memories’, where every moment is captured, and where we can feel the love everytime we look back.

Click to see bigger size
Click to see bigger image

– Materials: Linen cover
– Number of pages: 14 pages- 2 sided (cover included), coil binding, exclusively unpublished photos of Jaejoong in Vietnam, taken by CielJJ
– Size: 15×21 cm
– Gifts: 2 postcards of Kim Jaejoong in Vietnam (unpublic photos taken by CielJJ)
– Price: $9/calendar.
– Shipping fee: depends on the shipping fee from Hanoi-Vietnam post office to other countries, which you will be specifically informed through email.
– Ordering method: email us through our one and only email:
– Order form:

1. Full name
2. Address
3. Cellphone number
4. Quantity:

Payment method: via Western Union (please contact us to know the details)

Note: Since the shipping costs vary in different countries, please contact us to know the cost.

– Deadline for ordering and payment: 26/11/2013

CielJJ are greatly thankful for your kind support!

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