ROCKJJ’s goodies

RockJJ is Jaejoong’s Chinese fansite. However, the supporting team of RockJJ is expanding to everywhere to support Jaejoong. Until now, RockJJ has had supporting teams in Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand… And CielJJ is really honoured to be the representative of RockJJ Supporting Team in Vietnam.

RockJJ CN fansite: Click here

RockJJ CN Twitter: Click here

For the time being, RockJJ does not have many memberships occuppied. We always welcome those who love Jaejoong and who always want to give Jaejoong the warmest support to join us. Those who have a the passion to join, please email us at CielJJ’s gmail: and introduce yourself

Or mention our twitter: @DefertoNeminem5 and @Unforgettable5_

Thank you very much for your concern! ^^


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