[FANACCOUNT] A fanboy’s account of JYJ Concert in Peru: 6 year dream of meeting Jaejoong, finally fulfilled.

[FANACCOUNT] Nhật ký của một fanboy tại JYJ Concert ở Peru: Giấc mơ được gặp Jaejoong trong sáu năm, cuối cùng cũng thành hiện thực.


It all started summer of 2007 when I watched a [Korean] drama. It was the first time that I cried like a little child because of the plot of the story. The thing that captivated me the most about the drama was the feeling and the passion that the actors put in. The drama was “All about Eve”. That is where my story began. I later I realized that my life was somewhat lacking. I wanted to see more and more dramas so I looked for dramas via the internet, and that’s when I saw five guys with “slanted eyes”. I was so shocked with their cuteness. They seem to be angels but the one who caught my attention was the cute guy who had the cutest smile in the world. It was Jaejoong. Who else could it be? I wanted to know more about him and I found out that he suffered a lot since he was very young and passed many obstacles to reach his goals. I got a little sad when I read about it, but it made me admire him more and more without leaving aside the other guys. Continue reading “[FANACCOUNT] A fanboy’s account of JYJ Concert in Peru: 6 year dream of meeting Jaejoong, finally fulfilled.”

[TWITTER] 20120312 Jaejoong tweets after Peru concert


[TRANS] Under various circumstances, the world tour has been completed successfully without mishaps up till the last stop in Peru.. Thank you for showing us such great love.. Although they weren’t able to feel or see us this close, the pure-hearted South American fans who returned that long wait with love and passion, I was really touched by that.. I’ll definitely come back again.
[V-TRANS] Dù trong bất cứ hoàn cảnh nào, tour diễn vẫn luôn thành công mà không có nhiều sai sót cho tới trạm dừng chân cuối cùng tại Peru… Cám ơn các bạn vì đã luôn dành thật nhiều tình cảm cho chúng tôi… Dù họ đã không thể cảm nhận và nhìn chúng tôi gần thế này, sự nhiệt thành của fan Nam Mĩ, với sự yêu mến và tình cảm nồng nhiệt của họ sau một thời gian dài chờ đợi, đã khiến tôi rất xúc động… chắc chắn tôi sẽ còn quay trở lại đây. Continue reading “[TWITTER] 20120312 Jaejoong tweets after Peru concert”

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